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Grants + School Safety Plan = Long Range Goals for Your School

Public schools were once seen as a safe haven for many. The increase in school shootings, has left many to wonder how we can best protect and secure our schools and classrooms for students, teachers and administrators.

Unfortunately, recent events have painted the reality of the threat landscapes dramatic shift over the last few years, and the approaches required to protect and secure schools and campuses has changed and left communities wondering how can we get ahead of such tragedies?

Governor Baker Announces $40M for School Safety Proposals

On August 25,2022 Governor Baker announced several proposals to further support school safety initiatives, including:

  • Matching grants for security and communications upgrades in K-12 schools and public colleges and universities;

  • Funding for districts to pilot anonymous tip lines;

  • Funding for a statewide “Say Something” campaign and training;

  • Funding for additional school staff to attend ongoing training with emergency responders about emergency planning; and

  • Funding for a school safety website with resources, programming, and best practices.

What Is Your Long-Range Goal(s) Focus for 2022-2023?

VoDaVi encourages District leaders to utilize the upcoming funding to build their long-range goals around the foundation of safety and security for their facilities. There are several layers of security that your school can cost-effectively implement to enhance and optimize your safety posture. VoDaVi is a trusted advisor and technology partner for schools across New England.

Our team is comprised of network, voice, and security specialists that work with yours to identify what is in place today, and how technology can be used to continuously enhance your school environment, all while maximizing your school's buying power with the eligible grant fundings available. VoDaVi's team audits your facilities safety and security stance from the inside out and will recommend and implement the solutions and strategies available today to dramatically enhance the security of your facilities, all while achieving your safety goals!

VoDaVi Is The Single IT Resource for Your School

VoDaVi is an end-to-end system solutions to school systems and towns across New England, ensuring their vital technology investments are available to meet the demands of innovative organizations that leverage technology to deliver better outcomes for safety, security and performance. VoDaVi provides the benefit of seamless technology services and support from a single provider focused on your success.

Services Include:

  • Voice Solutions

  • Data Solutions

  • Security Solutions

  • Video Solutions

  • Wireless Solutions

  • Structured Cabling/Fiber Optics

  • Managed Services - All Inclusive/Augmented Support

  • IT Consulting

  • Project Management

  • E-Rate Services

  • Grant Consulting

  • Email/Website Hosting

We are here to help, and funding is on the way to lessen the fiscal impact. There is $300 million allocated for school security grants, including $100 million for a program that focuses on “hardening schools” with the objective of making school buildings more difficult to target.

Schedule a free consultation today to learn how VoDaVi can help your school navigate the available funding, and use technology to make a meaningful difference and help provide peace of mind when creating your School Safety Plan!

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