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Supporting Technology in Today's Education System and Beyond

VoDaVi Technologies is excited to return to an in-person event for Actem's 2022 Spring Leadership Conference. VoDaVi is a leading provider of technology hardware, software, and IT services to government and education clients across the New England area.

Spring Leadership Conference

May 3, 2022 • Holiday Inn by the Bay, Portland, ME

Under multiple Massachusetts State contracts, VoDaVi helps your organization succeed by providing best-in-class IT solutions and support services; enabling guaranteed performance and efficiency, at an affordable cost. Confidently turn to VoDaVi for your IT solution planning, design, implementation and support needs!

Visit VoDaVi during the ACTEM to learn about our best-in-class services and unique offerings to support future-focused classroom solutions and help increase safety in schools across New England!

Learn about VoDaVi's full catalog of services for your organization!


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