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Turing Shield Thermal Kiosk

Turing Video combines best-in-class technology while also meeting all of the requirements set forth by state and federal legislation for employers and employees doing business during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Turing Shield is the #1 Covid-19 All-In-One Workplace Solution that provides the employers with the ability to monitor, report, alert, remediate, detect fever, ensure mask compliance and contact trace.

  • Fast & Accurate within ±0.3°C (±0.5°F),
    AI Automated Non-Contact Body Temperature Scanner

  • Complies with U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) and HIPPA COVID-19 Policy 

  • Supports Vaccine Passport, CDC Guidelines and COVID-19 Response Protocol:
    Questionnaire, Face Mask Detection & Temperature Screening

  • Module Manufacturing for agile enterprise grade customization
    Facial Recognition, Access Control, HID Access & Badge Printing

  • In Stock: Configured and ships from California 

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Employee and Customer Health, Security and Well Being Made Easy

140,000+ Scans/Day​
8,400,000+ Scans in the Last 3 Months

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Turing People Count

Real-time Automated Occupancy Management

Turing People Count provides an out-of-box AI-enabled camera solution that accurately calculates and informs your customers about your current capacity with real-time displays, thus saving you dedicated resources to monitor entrances and exits.

  • COVID-19 Response Technologies: People Counting, Occupancy Capacity Intelligence, Social Distancing

  • Cost-Effective System to ensure Safety and Compliance COVID guidelines set by OSHA, FEMA and CDC

  • Accurate and Real-Tim People Counting, up to 98% Accuracy

  • Real-time Detection and Alerts

  • Simple to Install (Plus and Play)

  • Includes 1 Year Limited Warranty 

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See How it Works

Real-time Automated Occupancy Management

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Turing Robotics

#1 Autonomous Patrol Robot

Turing Robotics Patrol Robot is the World's most affordable indoor Patrolling Robot. Equipped with AI and environment sensors to keep your property, employees, and customers safe. 

  • 24/7 autonomous patrol and operations with auto self charge 

  • Easy installation, simple setup and controls

  • Customizable patrol routes

  • Real-time live streaming video, record & store multiple maps

  • Maneuver around and detect changing surroundings 

  • Gas detection sensors

  • Unlimited cloud-based record storage

  • AI-powered data management platform, centralized monitoring of all robots

  • In Stock: Configured and ships from California 

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Our Solutions, Your Success.

Leverage Turing Video's innovation and VoDaVi’s expertise to build a solid foundation based on safety, trust and experience. 

VoDaVi is an authorized reseller and solution provider for Turing Video. VoDaVi and Turing’s comprehensive solutions provide organizations wit the necessary protocols and procedures to put in place to operate safely with peace of mind that they are protected, their employees and customers are protected, and they are in full compliance with the latest best-practices and regulations. 

Learn about theses safety solutions that accomplish critical COVID-19 protocols into easy-to-use solutions today!

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Our Solutions, Your Success.

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