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Immediate and precise gunshot detection and notification

AmberBox is the most advanced universal threat detection and response system used in the US today. AmberBox automates emergency processes to significantly reduce response time and remove human error. AmberBox detectors utilize a patented detection algorithm to respond immediately following a firearm discharge, facility disturbance (glass breaking, student aggression, fights, etc). With tri-factor authentication, detectors are able to instantly determine a firearm signature with a near-zero false alarm rate. Upon activation, detectors alert first responders through our reporting network, and can integrate with other security systems, such as cameras, access control systems and mass notification to initiate. AmberBox is our trusted vendor for gunshot detection. Discover the AmberBox Response Platform below.

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Protecting life through
instant response technology

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Detect Gunshots/ Disturbances Faster

Immediate and precise indoor universal detection and notification in 3.6 seconds. Tri-factor authentication delivers maximum accuracy and protection from an active shooter threat.


Instant Notification To Law Enforcement

Automatic alerts to police via our E911 certified telecommunications platform and simultaneous notification to building security representatives. Reduce response times by an average of 5 minutes to stop threats faster.



Always Be In Control

Cloud-based AmberBox Response Platform delivers real-time data on rapidly evolving active shooter incidents. Monitor locations, track perpetrator movement and respond immediately with pre-programmed security features anytime, anywhere.

Explore the Features

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Understand why organizations across the country use AmberBox Gunshot Detection today

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