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Financial Strategy for Your Organization's Technology Investments

Complete IT Lifecycle Payment Solutions

VoDaVi Technologies offers IT financing to provide your organization the freedom and flexibility to acquire the technology you need to ensure consistent growth and success without the unneeded stress.


Our flexible financing solutions help to ensure your key objectives are at the forefront, such as maintaining profitability, driving productivity and using innovation to improve your organization's competitiveness. Make budgeting easier to forecast by spreading the cost over time rather than making a capital expenditure. 


Bundle your hardware, software, and services into one simple, predictable payment without the hassle of ownership. VoDaVi helps save your organization cash with no upfront costs to keep your technology current with flexible refresh options. 

Enjoy Your Technology -
VoDaVi Takes Care of Everythng Else

VoDaVi offers different financing options to best fit your needs, while providing various benefits to your organization.

Finance Leases 

Treat your IT solutions as a capital expenditure and spread the payments over several years. 

Operating Leases 

Ensure your organization has constant access to the latest technology without the hassle or risks of ownership. At the end of the initial term, you'll have the option to return the equipment, continue the lease, or upgrade to newer technology.

Financing Benefits

Creative Source of Funds

Affordable funding for your IT solutions, spreads costs over time avoiding upfront investments.

All-in-One Solution

Bundle hardware, software, services and support into one solution with predictable payments

Reduced Costs

Benefit from reduced total cost of ownership and accelerate your return on investment.

Enhanced Flexibility

Increase investment protection with your preferred term durations and end-of-lease options.

Lifecycle Management

Meet everchanging business demands, manage costs, and stay updated with flexible options for equipment.

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