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School Safety Reimagined

The senseless acts we have witnessed in our schools have left community’s and our nation shaken to the core. How can we protect against horrific deeds we cannot fathom, foresee, or know are coming?

Our first line of defense is technology. We can now identify perpetrators before they enter a facility or campus. And if they still do gain access, quickly understand where they are and what types of weapons they possess.

We combine three (3) proven methods to provide early warning and the time necessary to alert first responders, educators, and administrators to the threat. Our multi-tiered security approach includes:

  • Detecting weapons as soon as they are visible on security cameras, flagging threats before shots are fired.

  • Deploying a real-time gunshot detection and notification system.

  • Automating the emergency process to significantly reduce response time and remove human error.

The combination of automation and artificial technology provides building security and law enforcement with precious seconds to address the situation allowing first responders have the life-saving information they need to track perpetrator movement and respond immediately with pre-programmed security features anytime, anywhere.

The end result: increased response time, faster emergency warnings to building occupants, and saved lives.

AmberBox Gunshot Detection Brochure
Download PDF • 925KB

Schedule a free consultation today to see how technology can make schools safer.


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