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Meeting the challenge of today’s connected learning environments

From content filtering and cyber-safety alerts, to teacher/student screen sharing, to ongoing education for your entire school community. The Linewize ecosystem is the modern way to manage your technology & keep students safe with a school filter.


Solutions for Education

School Manager

Web Content-Filtering 

Education-focused & cloud-managed web filtering for schools. Minimize admin workload while maximizing compliance

Family Zone Community

Digital parent education and training + Cyber danger warnings

Guided communication to the parent community, including online education and awareness, timely warnings of cyber dangers, and app reviews and updates


Screen Visibility + Classroom Content Control + Ease of Use

Linewize has created an easy to use tool that includes a simple dashboard that allows teachers to see and manage online activity for their entire class, in real time.

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Your Success is Our Mission

VoDaVi Technologies is partnered with Linewize to provide a unique response to the challenge of today’s connected learning environments. By aligning a series of solutions to help districts stay in regulatory compliance, get the most out of their purchased technology, and keep students cyber-safe.

This partnership allows VoDaVi to offer educational clients products that are not only reliable and cost-effective, but are built for today’s educational environment that reduces the workload and provides seamless access to safe instruction without compromising reporting.

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