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School Safety and Technology

It is incomprehensible to imagine that our children, school administrators, and teachers don’t feel safe in what was once a haven for many – our public schools.

The increase in school shootings, has left many to wonder how we can best protect and secure our schools and classrooms.

The School Safety Zone was once easily defined, and school personnel were amply prepared to keep children safe from oncoming traffic as they entered and exited school grounds.

Unfortunately, the threat landscape has dramatically shifted, and the approaches required to protect and secure schools and campuses has changed.

We must all evolve to keep pace with the changing landscape and meet these threats head on.

When seconds matter our best line of defense begins with technology that is scalable, predictable and always scanning. There are three (3) areas that should be considered when outlining a school safety program. Those areas include:

1. Identify the threat prior to the individual(s) entering the school or campus.

2. Alert school administrators and public safety officials of the threat automatically.

3. Instrument the interior of the school with sensors and cameras.

This will aid first responders in detecting movement and pinpointing the location of an assailant within the building if they have gained entry to the facility.

A well-defined and architected security perimeter can be created utilizing a video surveillance umbrella that combines cameras and artificial intelligence (AI) software, and sensors.

We are here to help, and funding is on the way to lessen the fiscal impact. There is $300 million allocated for school security grants, including $100 million for a program that focuses on “hardening schools” with the objective of making school buildings more difficult to target.

Schedule a free consultation today to see how technology can make a meaningful difference and help provide peace of mind.

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