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Future-Focused Classroom Solutions

Updated: Sep 13, 2021


While we may be unsure of what the future classroom will look like, there’s no question that health and safety concerns will shape policies and procedures moving forward. The demand for education is not going anywhere—and setting students, faculty, and families up for success is critical.

Things are sure to be different, though. Moving forward, technological solutions can no longer be designed with just the brick-and-mortar educational establishment in mind. The future of education will depend on technology to create safe spaces for students to learn and connect—both inside the classroom and from home. Now more than ever, it is imperative for school systems to unleash the power of technology to innovate and to transform the educational experience.

Prepare your school(s) for the future with a few of our featured solutions:

  • Going off-premise—Leverage UC and collaboration via the cloud or a hybrid model so teachers can work in school or at home seamlessly.

  • Securing the network—Prevent phishing and cyberattacks while monitoring on-premises security remotely via Security-as-a-Service.

  • Staying Connected—Both at the school and in the home, connectivity is essential to ensure technology and bandwidth is optimized.

  • Equipping students in the classroom and at home—Tablets can be secured with MDM(Mobile Device Manager), which restricts devices and allows students to view only certain websites. Devices can also be managed with RFID and Asset Tracking.

  • Staying Informed—Interactive Voice Response (IVR) enables schools to send real-time notifications to parents and students.

  • Prioritizing health and safety—The use of temperature scanning to monitor the health of students and staff may help identify and curb the spread of illness.

If you need help determining the right solution to meet your needs and what funding avenues are available to you, our team is only a call away. Contact us at 866.897.777 or or download the brochure below for more information.

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