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Protecting Lifes Against Active Shooters

Updated: Jun 30, 2021

For most of us, crossing paths with gunfire in our day-to-day life is one of our worst fears. Yet as devastating as the reality is, we are continuing to see an increase in the number of active shooter scenarios across multiple industries. Schools are no exception. In 2020 alone, active shooters have caused multiple deaths at school locations in Texas, Idaho, Indiana, Delaware, Tennessee, South Carolina, Arizona, and Louisiana. Statistics show that in 2021, it has only been roughly 40 days since the last shooting at a school in the United States. While each institution can hope that their school is spared, every educational institution, no matter where it is located, must now take measures to guard against active shooters. As a

result – schools, sports facilities, and government institutions worldwide are looking to improve safety and situational awareness through the deployment of gunshot detection systems.

At VoDaVi Technologies, we are strongly committed to your school’s security. We specialize in understanding the unique, evolving challenges of the education industry’s landscape and we offer multiple solutions to meet those threats. One of these solutions is our trusted partnership with AmberBox.

AmberBox is a gunshot detection system that offers market-leading technology. When seconds count, AmberBox provides first responders with the lifesaving information they need. Through automating the emergency process and reliably delivering split second data while removing human error, AmberBox protects lives. This technology features:

· Patented Gunshot Detection: By employing a combination of percussion, infrared and sound detection, AmberBox does not require a line of sight to trigger. With a 3.6 second average response time, police are able to arrive faster and offer maximum protection from an active shooter threat.

· Automatic Notification: Upon activation of the system, an automatic call is made to 911. Simultaneously, AmberBox alerts building security in order to share real-time incident information with first responders. Automating the emergency process removes human error as well as the bystander effect, allowing authorities to respond to threats faster and more accurately.

· AmberBox Response Platform: The AmberBox platform provides real-time tracking, showing precise gunshot location, movement of the shooter, gunshot times and total number of shots fired. This allows the emergency response to be accurately coordinated.

· Installation Advantages – Because they do not require a wired connection, AmberBox detectors can be simply and quickly installed and can operate with either a high or low voltage power supply.

· Seamless Integration with Existing Systems: While AmberBox offers significant safeguards in standalone form, it is manufacturer agnostic and can be integrated into almost any currently installed security system to provide ultimate protection.

· Privacy and Data Security: No real-time audio is transmitted across the network, which allows for the privacy that a bank branch demands.

Why Amberbox and Aruba?

Aruba's Wi-fi 6 access points provide a USB port that supplies power and data communications for gunshot detectors. Standard Aruba security mechanisms then help protect against malicious or unintentional security breaches. The joint solution works with Aruba Wi-Fi 9 (802.11ax) or Wi-Fi 5 (802.11ac) access points already deployed on-site, avoiding the need for a separate overlay network. Amberbox sensors interface with the access points' USB ports, which provide both power and data access. Sensor spacing matches the access point spacing required for voice applications.

The use of Amberbox sensors does not interfere with the access point's ability to deliver high performance data and other IoT services - including voice, video, location, and telemetry. The sensors use acoustic and infrared data to recognize when firearms are discharged. Within roughly 3.6 seconds, the sensor identifies the actual gunshot signature and relays an alert using the USB port. Access points use secure tunnels to relay data to the AmberBox monitoring application. Automatic alerts can then be sent to law enforcement via the AmberBox cloud-based e911-certified platform. A conference call line is automatically established to share information and coordinate efficiently.

Planning with Confidence

It is crucial that our clients have what they need to create safer, smarter learning environments in their educational institutions. At VoDaVi, we believe that means more than just providing products. We know that continued consultation is key to true success. Far beyond the initial installation, we work with clients over the long haul to ensure that our security solutions meet each and every need in the most effective ways.

If you are concerned about being prepared for an active shooter situation in your school, get started with a risk-free consultation or demo today. Doing so may be the best decision you’ll make to protect the lives of your faculty and your students. Don’t wait until it’s too late – contact us to find out if AmberBox is the right solution for you!


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