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Emergency Connectivity Fund Program: $7 Billion to Close the Homework Gap

Updated: Sep 13, 2021

Take action to connect students who lack home broadband

Step 1 - Get Started

The application window for the FCC’s new $7 billion Emergency Connectivity Fund Program opened on June 29th. Distributed through the federal E-rate program, schools will have 45 days to apply for support to aid students who fall into the homework gap. Get ready to apply for your share of the funding by using the below tools and resources to:

> Navigate the application process > Collect the data you need to identify unconnected households > Research the best solutions to connect your students > Run successful procurement

Explore the links below to learn about eligible services and equipment, bidding rules, and reimbursements.

Step 2 - Data Collection

Schools submitting an Emergency Connectivity Fund application are required to certify that they are only seeking support for students and staff who would otherwise lack broadband services and devices sufficient to engage in remote learning. They must also submit estimates on the current number of unconnected students, the number before the pandemic, and the number they expect to connect using these funds. While all our tools are designed to ensure states and school districts have the most accurate and actionable data, our K-12 Bridge to Broadband Program lets you partner with Internet Service Providers for the most accurate data on unconnected student households that can be served with existing infrastructure.

Step 3 - Research Options

While there is no one-size-fits-all approach to connecting students beyond the classroom, factors such as the needs of students, staffing capacity at the district, and locale play an important role in selecting the right connectivity solution. Explore resources to help you make an informed decision on the best home connectivity solutions to connect students using the Emergency Connectivity Fund. The tools listed below help school districts identify which connected learning devices to purchase, which Internet Service Providers can serve their students, and the estimated cost of specific plans.

Step 4 - Partner with Professionals

Drive your organization’s success with a team that has extensive experience helping public entities secure funding and implement business-class communication solutions for fundamental public and community programs and services. VoDaVi Technologies (VoDaVi) provides technology consulting services and grant advocacy support to organizations of all sizes, however, we do not serve as a grant writer or pay for grant writers. VoDaVi has supported dozens of applicants as they navigate the grant seeking process and always encourage compliance with grantor terms and conditions. Get started today and schedule your no obligation consultation!

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