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Why Your Organization Needs a Firewall

Are you wondering “Why do I need a firewall?” or “Our services are, or are planning to move to the cloud, why do we need a firewall?” In the era of digital business, being small does not mean you are safe when it comes to cyber threats. Whether your organization an large or a small office, your company needs a firewall.

Keeping your organization’s and your customers data protected to avoid damage to revenues, proceeds, and the reputation of the organization, starts with paying attention to IT security. A strong firewall is the place to start!

A firewall provides a first line of defense against cyber criminals, they act as a barrier between computers and potential threats from the internet. A firewall's responsibility is to keep the suspicious data out of your network while letting the safe data in. Without one, you are inviting hackers to have access to the sensitive data your network has.

Maybe you have considered implementing a firewall previously but are having concerns, for example:

  • My organization is small so it is low risk...Cyber criminals could care less what type of business you’re in, or what size you are. They send out an army of malicious attacks to corrupt networks for businesses of any size.

  • Firewalls are too expensive...The cost of the hardware might sound like it’s a lot of money upfront, but in the long run weak defenses cost more.

  • I already have a software-based firewall...Unfortunately, traditional cyber security techniques are not enough for the emerging sophisticated attacks.

  • We have just moved or are planning to migrate our services to the cloud...Cloud security is not enough to protect your organization. While it may provide protection in the cloud, it doesn’t protect your infrastructure from threats.

While firewalls provide a strong foundation for your organization’s network security, all threats can’t be eliminated by just the firewall alone. Every organization has unique needs. VoDaVi partners with you to determine what the right type of firewall for your environment is and provide our recommendations on other strategies that can enhance your networks vulnerabilities and strengthen your defenses.

VoDaVi is a trusted IT partner for many organizations to procure, configure, and manage and maintain your equipment, so you can focus on your core initiatives. No matter the level of support you need, when VoDaVi manages your IT needs you can be assured you are in good hands 24/7. Your business will benefit from unlimited onsite & remote support and fast response times! Get Started Today! Book online | Give us a call: 866.896.1777 | Send an email:


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