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The Importance of VoIP Security

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone systems are emerging in organizations of all sizes. However, what about securing these internet based systems that are susceptible to malicious attacks? What types of malicious attacks are VoIP systems susceptible to?


  • Interception of calls

  • Denial of Service Attacks

  • Theft of Service

  • Exfiltration of data via media session

  • Malware embedded in signaling

It is important to consider how you can reduce risk to protect your organization from these types of security risks targeting your VoIP system.


  • Set up a firewall that will act as a barrier and route the incoming and outgoing traffic appropriately.

  • Data encryption protects the confidential information that will be sent over the IP network and makes it significantly harder for a cyber thief to accurately interpret your data.

Network firewalls and data encryption protocols work hand-in-hand as part of a layered security approach to reduce the risk of security breaches, service interruptions and the downtime that follows from being attacked.

For companies of all sizes, upgrading to VoIP will enhance your technology environment and transform the way you do business. Whether you prefer to carry your calls over the internet or your own network, VoDaVi will design and implement a solid VoIP solution for your organizations’ needs.

Learn more about VoIP Solutions, Security and Support by contacting the experts at VoDaVi!



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