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Deploying VoIP Mobility: Grandstream Releases New Generation of DECT solutions

Updated: Sep 13, 2021

New Product Launch!

Grandstream’s new line of DECT phones and base station

Mobilizing communication within any network environment leads increased efficiency and collaboration, Grandstream’s new generation of DECT cordless phones and base station are here. This line includes a high-end handset, mid-tier handset, and a powerful base station. With customized features and a long range of up to 450 meters, these devices are perfect for any business user to communicate on-the-go through their VoIP network.

Types of organizations that can benefit from this DECT solution are endless, this includes: hospitals, emergency personnel, hotels, higher education and schools, restaurants, retail, construction, and warehouse environments. Not only can these types of business’s benefit from the mobility aspect of this series, but its affordability and long range, with up to 40-hours of rechargeable talk-time, the ability to set ring groups, and up to 10 lines of support per system makes this solution hard to beat.

This DECT solution has been tested thoroughly by Grandstream’s Beta testers and they agree that this new generation is a game-changer. Here are what some of them have said:

· “the range is unbelievable for ANY DECT phone!”

· “My office is in a metal building that’s basically a faraday cage and even with the door closed (which blocks all cellular signals) I could walk over 500 feet from the base (which was also sitting inside the metal of my 42u rack). I never expected that, I can’t imagine how good it’d do outside of the metal building!”

· “This blows ANY other DECT phone completely away. I had not even anticipated that the phone would work in this remote building until it rang…”

To read more about what testers are saying head to Grandstream’s public forum here.

Key Technical Specs

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