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Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise (ALE) is a leader in global communications, delivering the customized technology experiences enterprises need to make everything connect. Alcatel-Lucent is at the forefront of fixed, mobile and converged broadband access, carrier and enterprise IP technologies, applications and services. Their digital-age networking, communications and cloud solutions tailored to ensure customers’ success, are offered with flexible business models; in the cloud, on premises, and hybrid. 

Rich media and voice communications come to life with ALE’s suite of communications hardware and software that make enterprise collaboration second nature. From fixed and chassis LAN switches, WAN and WLAN, to applications, security and management tools, ALE’s network products and VoDaVi’s services support your IT needs now and into the future.

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Solutions Include

Cloud Computing

Improved performance, cost efficiency and scalability with technology for private, public and hybrid clouds

Enterprise Mobility

Secure anytime, anywhere access to data and applications utilizing advanced mobility solutions.

BYOD/Secure Wireless Networks

Enterprise-class wireless networks with tools that standardize the use of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) technologies.

Data Center/Colocation

Solutions that optimize data center performance and create opportunities to leverage virtualization for improved efficiency.

Network Infrastructure

Network components that are expertly calibrated to your organization’s business and IT requirements.

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Our Solutions, Your Success.

Leverage ALE’s innovation and VoDaVi’s expertise to build a solid foundation based on trust and experience. 

VoDaVi is an authorized reseller and solution provider for Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise. ALE’s solutions are tailored specifically to each clients’ industry providing built-in security and limited environmental impact.

ALE’s products, and VoDaVi’s services and solutions combine to deliver communications and infrastructure that work, for you.

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