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SonicWall’s Bigger and Better 3 & Free Promotion is Here!

SonicWall has expanded their ever popular 3 & Free promotion to a bigger range of products, leading to better opportunities and savings for you! When you purchase a 3-Year Essential Protection Service Suite, you get one of SonicWall's Gen 7 next-generation firewalls — and this includes every single Gen 7 firewall, from the TZ 370 and up—for free! Best of all, SonicWall is not limiting this deal to current SonicWall end users: Trading in a legacy SonicWall or competitor firewall will get you your free, eligible firewall upgrade.

When you upgrade an existing appliance or trade in a competitor product, you'll gain the latest in next-generation security technology, anti-virus protection and content filtering, plus SonicWall’s Capture Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) with patented Real-Time Deep Memory Inspection (RTDMI™).

SonicWall's Essential Protection Service Suite (EPSS) includes:

• Capture ATP

• Gateway Anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware, Intrusion Prevention Services (IPS) and Application Firewall Services

• Content Filtering Services (CFS), Comprehensive Anti-Spam

• 24x7 support with firmware

This Bigger and Better 3 & Free promotion could mean bigger and better deals when you secure your tomorrow with a free Gen 7 firewall!

May 1 2024 through September 30 2024
Promotion Details
Eligible products
Eligible Products


VoDaVi is a certified SonicWall Partner providing network and security solutions that defend SMBs, enterprises and governments from advanced cyber threats. From superior products and technical expertise, VoDaVi has the ability to assist any organization in becoming thought leaders and game changers in the ever-evolving security landscape. Get the unparalleled price, performance and protection of a new SonicWall Gen 7 NGFW for free with SonicWall's Bigger and Better 3 & Free promotion!

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