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Why Organizations Need Email Backups

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Email Backups

According to a recent study, there are nearly 4.37 billion email users in 2023. This number equates to more than half of the global population now uses email. In recent years, email has become one of the most integral parts of the business workflow and preferred communication method among consumers and organizations. However, information sent via email is generally not stored (or backed up) anywhere else except the users' local mailboxes.

Due to the high dependency businesses and organizations have on email today, it is vital that they have a solution in place that backs up their emails and enables easy retrieval of potentially critical information that would otherwise be lost. It is a common misconception that organizations and users assume that their emails are automatically backed up by their email provider, whether that be Microsoft, Outlook, etc. However, when your organization falls victim to data loss, whether it be malicious or simply human error, you will be unable to fully recover your emails without a simple email backup solution.

What is Email Backup?

Email backups process and store emails in secure centralized location. Emails are easily retrievable at any time. Having email backups in place prevent data loss by enabling users to restore email contact that has potentially been compromised, deleted, or lost. Backups also provide a longer retention period, meaning tracking down lost emails no matter the date is a much quicker and easier process.

Common Misconception

Microsoft is not responsible for backing up your Office 365 data and if you use Office 365 archiver, it is not your backup. Microsoft says that you need 3rd party backup solution for O365 in their Service Agreement. Microsoft Service Agreement (MSA): "We strive to keep the Services up and running; however, all online services suffer occasional disruptions and outages, and Microsoft is not liable for any disruption or loss you may suffer as a result. In the event of an outage, you may not be able to retrieve Your Content or Data that you've stored. We recommend that you regularly backup your Content and Data that you store on the Services or store using Third-Party Apps. " -Microsoft Services Agreement, Section 6B

Native Retention Is Complex

Microsoft’s native retention polices can be complex. See the image below. Email has a 14- or 30-day retention, OneDrive and SharePoint up to 93 days in some cases. Teams has another set of retention rules.

When you look at these retention policies is a 3-month max going to be long enough? What happens when the CEO needs something that was deleted 94 days ago?

With Cloud-to-Cloud Backup, both SharePoint and OneDrive can be restored on a granular basis. Microsoft only allows restoration of an entire instance, which can be a problem if you are only looking to restore an item or 2.

What Does Your Organization Need Email Backup?

Emails oftentimes contain highly valuable business information and if a specific email is required, it could take days or potentially weeks to find, if it is even recoverable based on the date range available. Over time, emails are moved across mailboxes, accidently deleted, employees leave, devices crash, or you could face a malicious attack. All of these scenarios can cause emails and their sensitive data to be lost or corrupted. However, when emails are properly backed up and stored in a central location, your risk of email loss is mitigated; saving time, money, and manpower that can be required if your employees or IT team is tasked to search for an important email.

Email Backup Advantages

Cloud Based Archiving

Zero limits on user numbers or storage space in the cloud.

Office 365 Integration

Integrates seamlessly with O365 significantly enhancing email search and storage functionality.

Powerful Search Tool

Emails are archived and retrievable instantly slashing time and costs.

Other advantages include:

  1. Peace of mine knowing that you can restore the entirety of your emails and attachments whenever needed with email backups.

  2. It’s easy for critical company data to be lost if users delete emails, employees leave, etc. By utilizing email backup, emails remain available and easily searchable.

  3. Your emails are safe from disasters such as hardware malfunction or malicious attacks.

  4. You don’t have to spend hours going through what emails can be deleted when your mailbox is full.

  5. Backup and recovery times are quicker, massively reducing downtime if disaster does strike.

Get Started Today

As a leader in the Information Technologies sector VoDaVi is equipped to handle your email backup needs. We will assist you in choosing the right solution for your organization’s needs.

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