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Hyper-converged Infrastructure for Unpredictable Environments

Updated: Mar 30, 2023

In a recent article, we discuss one of the limitations of deploying technology at the edge is the unpredictability of edge environments. Think of the back office of a retail store, cluttered with boxes of inventory, a bustling manufacturing floor full of lots of moving people and machinery, or a telecommunication tower in the smoldering desert.

The new ruggedized VxRail node, with a significantly smaller form factor, is ideal for space-constrained and harsh environments. Rack it, stack it or mount it on a wall, this solution brings all the benefits of VxRail to extreme locations.

The VxRail VD-4000 is designed for flexibility with options for multiple 1U and 2U node sleds in either a standard-width rack mount chassis or a new 14” deep by 10.5” wide chassis – about the size of a shoe box – that can be stacked on a shelf or even mounted on the wall where floor space is sparse.

  • Rackable chassis supports four 1U node sleds, two 2U node sleds + vSAN witness or a combination of 1U and 2U node sleds.

  • Stackable and mountable chassis supports two 1U node sleds + vSAN witness or one 2U node sled.

The VD-4000 can operate in temperatures from 27 F to 131 F (–5 C to 55 C) and has been tested to withstand shock and vibration with Network Equipment-Building System (NEBS) and Military Standard (MIL-STD) certifications.

Both VD-4000 chassis also have the option to include a lockable intelligent filtered bezel

that will alert you when clogged, to keep your system free from dust, humidity and other air contaminants prevalent in a lot of edge locations like mobile command centers, military sites, construction sites or lint-filled retail backrooms.

The new VxRail VD-4000 is great for unique environments and unique workloads. With integration and support for NVIDIA A2 and A30 GPUs, it brings powerful analytics to any location, whether analyzing camera footage for object detection, powering machine learning for better customer journeys or running AI applications to optimize supply chains.

The VxRail Advantage

Integrated, optimized, tested, and validated so you don't have to.

VxRail HCI System Software delivers highly differentiated features and benefits extending VMware native capabilities to automate deployments and ongoing operations while providing full stack lifecycle management.

Repeatable full system upgrade testing to ensure clusters are in continuously validated states, resulting in an optimized and curated operational experience with reduced risk.

  • 800K test hours per release in addition to existing hardware testing

  • $125M lab investments

  • 100+ engineering staff dedicated to testing

It's VoDaVi's goal to support your IT needs, suggest optimal solutions to fit your budget, and ultimately help you succeed.

Discover the advantage. Get started today!


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