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Unparalleled Flexibility for Today's Infrastructure

Adaptable architecture

The PowerStore advantage begins with a comprehensive lineup of enterprise capabilities that provide maximum headroom and flexibility for change.

Any workload

PowerStore’s unified design consolidates block, enterprise file, and vVols storage formats in a single high-density footprint, providing a convenient, easy-to-manage platform for broad innovation. Ideal for both general-purpose and specialized workloads, PowerStore supports applications as diverse as large-scale databases, cloud-native apps, edge-based IoT analytics, and file-based content repositories. The platform fits seamlessly into existing infrastructures, with multi-protocol physical network support (including 32Gb FC and 100Gb Ethernet) and options to meet specialized industry requirements, such as DC/low-line-power, NEBS ready solutions or government compliance. No matter where your business strategy takes you, PowerStore’s full-featured, adaptable design can help you build your unique breakthrough.

Built for performance

Consistent, predictable performance has long been a baseline for workload success – but the new key requirement for distributed IT is performance that can expand and grow with your needs. Built from the ground up for NVMe technology, PowerStore leverages dual-port Intel® Optane™ NVMe SSDs and Storage Class Memory within the appliance (base chassis and expansion), plus NVMe-oF (FC and Ethernet) in the external network. This end-to-end NVMe ecosystem delivers extremely high IOPS and low latency, ensuring long-lasting value through multiple solution life-cycles.

Scale up and scale out

Expanding the capabilities of your initial PowerStore configuration is simple and efficient, as performance and capacity may be scaled independently. Each PowerStore appliance features dual active-active nodes, and can grow with single-drive granularity to over 4.7 PBe NVMe capacity.¹ Multiple appliances can be clustered in a federated configuration for increased processing power and capacities exceeding 18 PBe NVMe capacity.

Enterprise availability

No matter how you grow, PowerStore safeguards business-critical data with proven 99.9999% availability.² PowerStore’s patented Dynamic Resiliency Engine (DRE) leverages advanced virtualization methods to protect against simultaneous drive failures while maintaining high levels of efficiency and cost savings. In multi-appliance environments, native file, block and vVols replication provides data mobility and policy-based immutable snapshot protection for any workload. Across larger distances (up to 60 miles), native metro synchronous replication gives you a software-only, zero RTO/RPO high availability solution, configurable in as few as six clicks³ – for no extra cost!


PowerStore helps you stay ahead of constantly evolving cybersecurity threats with always-on capabilities like hardware-based data-at-rest encryption, role-based access controls (RBAC), File Level Retention (FLR), Secure Boot with HWRoT (to protect against unauthorized firmware updates), cybersecurity analytics and ransomware protection. Cybersecurity is fundamental to PowerStore’s DNA, and the platform’s NIST-aligned development process implements an ever-widening range of industry standards and best practices.

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