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What is Managed IT Services?

Managed Services

Today's world has become increasingly reliant on a solid technological infrastructure, moving away from the days of the break/fix IT model to a predictable and operationally efficient method.

Within an IT managed services model, organizations contract with a dedicated third-party team of IT experts to monitor, fix, and update their technology on a regular basis. Rather than wait for crashes or problems to arise, managed IT services aim to keep your technology healthy while implementing IT solutions that serve your specific business needs.

As the sheer number of computing devices has increased over time, organizations have shifted gears from the reactive, time-consuming break/fix model in favor of the more proactive and flexible managed IT service model. With increasing demand, VoDaVi's Managed IT Services offerings have expanded to include a host of options, including monitoring and security management.

VoDaVi's Managed IT services aim to help your team leverage more complex technology, supplement or augment the work done by in-house IT teams and offer IT expertise where it might not otherwise be available. Costs for Managed IT Services are a flat monthly rate (or if paid in full/annually, additional discounts are offered) tailored to your company so that you only pay for the services and technology needed, whether it’s supplemental services or 24/7 dedicated IT support.

What can be Managed through Managed IT Services?

Managed Service Offerings

VoDaVi's Managed IT services and managed security services can include any number of offerings. The most popular support services include:

  • IT infrastructure management, including hardware and software.

  • Cybersecurity configuration, management, and monitoring, including penetration testing.

  • Basic technical support for staff as first line of defense - ex: password resets, account setups, etc.

  • High level technical support for internal IT team to assist with higher level/critical issues, cover sick days, PTO, help with overload of tasks, etc.

  • Communications support; Networking, Voice, etc.

  • Cloud service management and remote monitoring

Pros of VoDaVi's Managed IT Services

VoDaVi's Managed Services

From efficiency to expert assistance, VoDaVi's managed services offer quite a few benefits, including:

  • More free time: VoDaVi's Managed IT services free your team from the mundane, often time-consuming aspects of IT management and allow them to focus on projects that generate revenue. Not only can this increase productivity, but it can improve your ROI and maximize your organization’s performance elsewhere.

  • Pay for what you need: It can be hard to scale your IT appropriately to your organization’s needs while ensuring your company continues to grow. VoDaVi's Managed IT services can scale your IT resources incrementally, or even implement temporary IT measures, to suit your evolving needs.

  • 24/7 support: VoDaVi's managed IT service contracts include 24/7 IT support 365 days a year to ensure if a business-critical IT issue is happening,

  • Expert service: Many IT teams don’t have the time or the skills to manage certain business functions themselves. Managed IT services give your organization access to expert IT services, which means more time spent on innovation and growth—and less on routine tasks.

  • Less risk, more reward: It’s impossible to overstate the importance of cybersecurity. By taking advantage of managed IT services, your organization can protect itself with up-to-date security software and protocols, scaled to your business needs, without the hassle of being responsible for frequent tests and upgrades.

Additional Services - Cloud Services: Anything-as-a-Service/XaaS"

You likely have heard the term “cloud services” mentioned when speaking of managed IT services. While the two terms share similarities, there are certainly significant differences between how they operate and the results they produce for your organization.

VoDaVi's Anything as a Service "XaaS" cloud services can be scaled up or down as needed and are provided on demand where and when you need them, on a pay-as-you-go basis.

XaaS is an emerging model for organizations to consume network infrastructure through flexible operating expense (OpEx) subscriptions, inclusive of hardware, software, management tools, licenses, and lifecycle services. Users can scale up and down as demand changes, rapidly deploy services, and eliminate hardware costs. That means no more uncertainty when it comes to deployment or updates as everything is managed for you by us.

  • Infrastructure as a service: VoDaVi provides succeeding services for your cloud environment and offers essential compute, storage, and networking resources on demand. Our team partners with your organization to help migrate your data and applications and keep them running to ensure mitigating any unnecessary interruption to your business.

  • Software as a service: VoDaVi provides a complete software solution that you purchase on a monthly pay-as-you go basis. Our offering enables you to rent the use of an app or apps for your organization, and your users connect to it over the Internet. VoDaVi is able to manage the hardware and software, and with a managed services agreement, we ensure the availability and the security of the app(s) and your data as well. SaaS enables your organization to get operating quickly with an application at minimal upfront cost. VoDaVi's planning services and custom deployment plans make any migration simple!

  • Security as a service: Whether it's continuous monitoring, data loss prevention, email and network security, anti-virus management, intrusion protection, or vulnerability scanning; SECaaS provides security services to your organization on a subscription basis hosted by VoDaVi. Our solutions ease your in-house security team’s responsibilities, scale security needs as the business grows, and avoids the costs and maintenance of on-premises alternatives. When security provisions are managed externally, your IT team can focus on what is important to your organization. SECaaS frees up resources and gives you the confidence that your IT security is being managed competently by VoDaVi's team of security specialists.

  • Hardware as a service: Traditional PC environments are burdened with IT management challenges as simple as employee password resets and as difficult as updating security patches and updates that impact user experience and productivity. VoDaVi's DaaS solution delivers virtual applications and desktop services to your organization via cloud service.

With the pace of innovation, most organization are finding they can no longer afford the time it takes to build and maintain their own network infrastructure - VoDaVi's Always There services provide IT simplicity and automation, access from anywhere, enhanced security, visibility and insights, and improved overall network experiences to your organization.

Get Started Today

Whether it is saving money, improving efficiencies or protecting your infrastructure from the latest security threats, VoDaVi's Managed Services provide great value to your organization by strengthening your defenses, freeing up your resources and improving your bottom line.

VoDaVi is a trusted advisor for many organizations across the region to provide IT strategic consulting services to ensure that technology is a tool that enables the organization to continue to grow and most importantly navigating the funding available to do so. Their experts tailor individual solutions, approaches, and resources to solve organizations’ business problems, achieve goals, and reduce overall technology costs with a proactive, preventative approach towards IT management.

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