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VoDaVi Technologies Launches New Sales and Customer Support Office in State of Maine

VoDaVi Technologies (VoDaVi) recently announced the grand opening of our newest location in the state of Maine. VoDaVi is expanding its operations to Maine to better serve our clients that are in the region.

VoDaVi has also added a resolute team that will be located at the Maine office. This team of talented individuals specialize in Pre-Sales Engineering, Sales, Customer Service and Technical Support. While VoDaVi primarily provides remote technical support it is also important to have the ability to be onsite for our clients at a moment’s notice.

Having a presence in Massachusetts and Central Maine will allow VoDaVi to have quicker onsite response times to meet the needs of its clients. In addition, VoDaVi will be stocking equipment and products as part of our “Business Continuity Kits” to serve our clients that have an immediate, critical need of equipment such as network switches and Access points to name a few.

VoDaVi has quickly become a leading provider of IT services including Voice, Data, Security, Fiberoptic and Cabling solutions, as well as Managed and Professional services throughout New England. With the opening of the Maine office, VoDaVi will be better situated to broaden their service area to all regions of Maine, Vermont, and New Hampshire.


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