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VoDaVi Awarded to Category 9 of the Blanket Massachusetts State Contract ITT72!

VoDaVi has been awarded to the Massachusetts state contract ITT72 under Category 9: Network Services, Communication Services, and Related Equipment.

This contract is fashioned to provide government agencies across the state with software, hardware, and services for voice, conferencing, and data networking for the Commonwealth. Under Category 9 VoDaVi was successful in winning the bid to procure equipment and provide services under the scope of the contract, including but not limited to voice and data networking.

VoDaVi received the highest score of 102 and ranked in the top ten out of 56 bidders. With this award, VoDaVi can provide the following products and services; Aruba Networks, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, SonicWall, Cisco, Dell, Microsoft, APC, and VoDaVi Professional Services. The ITT72 contract is valid for up to five years, including potential renewals.

About ITT72

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts ITT72 Contract is designed to provide government agencies with Network Services, Communications Services and Related Equipment. This contract has replaced statewide contracts ITT46 Network Services and ITT50 Converged Voice and Data Communications Systems. ITT72 is the primary Statewide Contract used by Executive Agencies of the Commonwealth for the goods and services covered by the Contract.


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