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88% of Public Sector Hit by Cyber-Attacks

Local, state and public school systems are not immune to cyber-attacks. The attackers are sophisticated criminals who have one goal: steal your information and take control of your technology environment.

They will utilize many approaches and technology to infiltrate your network and try to take your most sensitive information. Public sector organizations are a virtual treasure trove of data for hackers with personally identifiable information (PII) for employees, citizens, students, and other stakeholders. Just look at the statistics:

  • Public sector organizations were involved in one-in-five cyber incidents.

  • 47% of public sector data breaches were not discovered until years after the initial attack.

  • Government organizations are now one of the most popular targets for bad actors, second only to those in the education and research sectors.

  • Public sector ransomware attacks are surging, with an increase of 917%.

Although the threats seem daunting, there are several things you can do to minimize your risk. Take these steps:

  1. Train your employees and constituents to recognize cybersecurity threats like phishing exploits.

  2. Perform a comprehensive Cybersecurity Risk Assessment.

  3. Work with a credible cybersecurity provider with the knowledge, resources, and security tools you may lack.

  4. Qualify for and procure cyber liability insurance to minimize the financial risk of an attack, if appropriate.

Schedule a free consult today to see how our expertise, approach, and security tools can make a meaningful difference and help provide peace of mind.

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