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6 Things You Didn't Know About SonicWall

SonicWall is more than firewalls. Their portfolio includes a variety of other leading cybersecurity solutions, all of which can be added to your existing infrastructure.

SonicWall Does Switches

High-speed SonicWall Switches accommodate more devices and more SaaS apps, all while offering greater control. With a unified security posture, Switches allow SMBs and those with SD-Branch deployments to protect their networks at a lower TCO.

SonicWall Has a Range of Secure Wireless Solutions

SonicWave Access Points provide best-in-class Wi-Fi technology, featuring 802.11ax and 802.11ac Wave 2 support. By combining single-pane-of-glass management and flexible indoor and outdoor deployment options, SonicWave Access Points provide the ultimate in end-to-end security.

SonicWall Cloud App Security Protects Office 365 and G-Suite Users

SonicWall Cloud App Security (CAS) offers a complete defense-in-depth security stack, combining machine learning, AI and big-data analysis into one powerful tool. With powerful anti-phishing capabilities, click-time URL analysis, attachment sand boxing and data leakage protection, CAS stops targeted phishing and zero-day attacks that bypass Microsoft, Google and Secure Email Gateway security filters more quickly and effectively than ever.

SonicWall Offers a Comprehensive Endpoint Solution

SonicWall Capture Client offers best-of-breed, next-gen antivirus protection with built-in autonomous EDR powered by SentinelOne. Not only does Capture Client excel in offering effective threat protection, its synergy with the rest of the SonicWall platform allows for increased visibility and protection both on and off network.

SonicWall Secures Remote Workforces, Too

SonicWall Secure Mobile Access (SMA) is a unified secure access gateway that can provide any device — managed or unmanaged — access to any application, at any time, from anywhere. SMA offers granular access control, context-aware device authorization, application-level VPN and complete integration with even the most advanced authentications.

SonicWall Has a Great Customer Loyalty Program

Are you ready for an upgrade? It’s easier than ever to trade in your legacy SonicWall or competitor hardware for a discount on the newest SonicWall products. Best of all, with the Boundless Cybersecurity Bundle, you can build the security architecture that matches your organization’s needs — the more you buy, the more you save.

Secure Anyone, Anywhere

Deploy what works for you — where it works for you. SonicWall and VoDaVi partner together to help you build, scale and manage security across cloud, hybrid and traditional environments. Contact a specialist today.


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