Today’s Technology for Social Responsibility

By VoDaVi
In September 29, 2017
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Social media is our primary form of communication. Technology is our primary tool. Yet, as we become more socially and technologically sophisticated it seems our ability to give back is based on our physical ability to be at the location to help. As much as we would all love to, it’s just not possible for everyone to fly to Texas or Puerto Rico to help those in need. The 2017 Good Social Summit showed us here at VoDaVi Technologies that there is now an entirely new way to explore and strive towards the socially responsible world we all dream to live in!

Through the efforts between Mashable and the United Nations, hundreds of American organizations are adopting the social good as an integral part of their business’ culture. VoDaVi is proud to be a partner of the multinational technology conglomerate, Cisco, who has dedicated the month of September as Cisco’s Global Service Month.

In light of the natural disasters that plagued the world for most of September, one of Cisco’s key projects is Missing Maps. Missing Maps is an open, collaborative site that enables us to digitally identify roads, structures and other information first responders and aid agencies would find helpful. The objectives are to map the most vulnerable places in the developing world.

Missing Maps is one of the many reasons VoDaVi Technologies is honored and proud to be a Cisco Select Partner. With our Engineers, Technicians and Sales Team constantly furthering their education by earning new certifications and our office being a fully functional Demo Center, we are fully equipped to provide our clients with current cutting edge Cisco Products and Support Solutions. Choosing VoDaVi for your Cisco needs ensures 100% Customer Satisfaction and cost effective solutions.


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