online-security-technology VoDaVi Technologies ensures that your network security is structured to protect your IT investments from the various threats facing many organizations today. The safety of your data and the reliability and integrity of your network are of the utmost importance to the team at VoDaVi. Times are changing, and while a firewall paired with an anti-virus used to be what you needed to protect your network, that is no longer the case. Most of today’s attackers are using sophisticated methods such as phishing, email scams and malware, making it more difficult for your firewall and anti-virus to fully defend your network. VoDaVi recognizes these changes and makes the appropriate recommendations to fill any gaps that could potentially bring your network down if a threat penetrated. VoDaVi is partnered with 2 of the leading security appliance and software providers in the industry, Cisco and Fortinet, and provide our clients with cutting edge, full scale security solutions. A value add to our services is Vmonitor, our 24 Hour monitoring system that alerts our engineers of a threat on your network before your organization is even aware it’s there. Our team is 100% focused on protecting the integrity and usability of your network and ultimately securing all facets of your organization.

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