VoDaVi Technologies is a Supplier on the Massachusetts Higher Education Consortium (MHEC) F05 Technology Contract.  We are pleased to offer our products and services to the MHEC members as well as faculty and staff.

Through the F05 Technology contract VoDaVi is approved to offer the following brands: Cisco, HP Enterprise, HP Inc., Dell and VoDaVi.  With the VoDaVi brand members will have access to our expert services in Networking, Telecommunications, and Computer Maintenance.  VoDaVi is also approved to offer our entire catalog for Telecom, Networking and Computers.  The entire catalog provides many cost effective options for MHEC members.

Please contact us directly for all pricing and product availability for your next purchase and be sure to join our email list to keep up with any specials we are running and to stay informed on the latest technology news.

Contact our sales team:

Amy Friel –  (508) 356-4801

Ashley Pike –  (508) 356-4810

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