What is E-Rate?

The Universal Schools and Libraries Program, which is generally referred to as the E-Rate Program, is a Federal program designed to ensure eligible schools and libraries enhance learning with the most up to date and affordable technology, offering an annual $3.9 billion to pay for high-speed internet access, wireless networking equipment and related technology. Schools and libraries across the country now have the ability to apply for funds to supplement their budgets for the internal connections that support digital learning, online testing and collaboration. If your organization is a public, private or non-profit K-12 school, you may be eligible! To see if your organization is eligible visit the Universal Service Administrative Co.’s (USAC) eligibility page.

VoDaVi Technologies actively participates in the E-Rate program as a Service Provider. Our 498 ID, formerly know as Service provider Identification Number or SPIN,  is 143048326.