Cyber Security is Everyone’s Business!

By VoDaVi
In October 16, 2017
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Join us in Celebrating the 14th year of National Cybersecurity Awareness Month!  It’s time to get everyone with an online presence involved in dealing with current online security threats and teach them how to prepare for the future. Cybersecurity is everyone’s business, everyday! With over 30 million new devices joining the Internet of Things (IoT) every week, and an estimated 50 billion devices connected by the year 2020, access to the beneficial yet dangerous IoT should require cyber security knowledge. We teach our children the dangers of the physical public at a very young age, why wouldn’t we teach them about the dangers of the cyber public?

There are many different types of cyber threats and many different ways to protect yourself and your family. VoDaVi Technologies is proud to be partners with one of the leading security appliance and software providers in the industry, Cisco. Cisco has developed a way of teaching parents and children the importance of cybersecurity by demonstrating the basics of how the IoT works in a fun and interactive way!

Follow this link to see Jennie Kam, a Cisco Security Researcher, demonstrate the basics of internet routing, security and privacy through the “Pitching Packets” game.

VoDaVi provides our clients with cutting edge, full scale security solutions. To stay informed about cyber security, follow VoDaVi Technologies for year-round tips, tricks and how-to’s to protect yourself, family and business from being a victim of cybercrime.


Thanks for staying safe!


Jessica Saunders

VoDaVi Technologies


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