10 Essential Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Tech

By VoDaVi
In March 23, 2017
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Spring has finally arrived! It’s time to break out the cleaning supplies and get down to business. You may have a Spring Cleaning routine for your home but does it include your technology or workstation? It’s important to forget about the devices we all use on a daily basis.

Here are 10 Essential Spring Cleaning Tips for your Tech:

  1. This may be one of the more obvious tasks but, clean those monitors people! You’d be surprised how quickly dust can settle on your screen. Follow these easy instructions for cleaning your desktop and laptop monitors.
  2. Since you’ll already be cleaning your monitor why not clean your keyboard too? Keyboards collect dust and if you’re someone who likes to work and eat at the same time it probably collects crumbs too. Check out our easy instructions for cleaning out your keyboard here.
  3. Taking steps to organize your inbox will help keep you organized throughout the year. You can start by deleting any junk mail you may receive. Next, I usually organize the emails that I have coming in by category and move them over to the appropriate folder I’ve created. This may seem like a daunting task right now, and it may be but, if you get into the habit of filing away emails as they come in you’ll notice a huge difference. By categorizing and getting rid of the junk I find I am able to quickly locate emails to refer back to and easily focus on the new items coming in each day without the stress of 100 or more emails still sitting there in the inbox.
  4. If you’re not already backing up your data, you should be. You never know when something could cause you to lose all of your valuable data and having a backup to restore from is essential. If you are doing backups, you’re in good shape. Making it a point to verify your backups are all running as intended is a must do task to add to your list of spring cleaning duties.
  5. Changing your passwords may not be considered a spring cleaning task to most but for me, this is a must. When spring cleaning rolls around you will be reminded to make changes to all of your current passwords, keeping the same one for too long could open your accounts up to cyber attacks and identity theft.
  6. Are you a big notes person? If you’re like me you may have a couple notebooks hanging around the office that you use to write down notes, lists, tasks, etc. Get rid of the clutter and convert your handwritten notes into digital files. Don’t just stop at your notebooks, get rid of the sticky notes and business cards you have hanging around as well. Anything that can be saved digitally will just free up space on your desk but, always remember to back it up too!
  7. System updates keep our technology running smoothly and securely when doing your spring cleaning make sure your computer is up to date on all of the recent updates. I know how easy it can be to put the updates off until a later time because you’re busy but, you can’t let them fall completely off your radar. This is why checking for updates as part of your spring cleaning schedule is key.
  8. Hopefully, you have a server where you save all of your documents, if not your desktop may be completely covered in files, photos, and folders. Even if you do have a server, sometimes we just can’t resist saving to the desktop! Make it your goal to keep your desktop clean, saving only necessary items there. Spring is the perfect time to evaluate what you have on your desktop and file it elsewhere or move it to the trash. Just like with organizing your inbox, this seems like a big task for some of us but, it’s all about consistency. If you get in the habit of automatically saving your files where they belong, you’ll keep a clean desktop.
  9. Throughout the year you may make changes to the layout of your workspace. Often when moving your equipment around the power cords and cables get all tangled together. This is the perfect time to get under your desk or behind your bookcase to straighten out those wires. You may think nobody is noticing the pile of tangled wires you have going on but, trust me they do. Take pride in the space you’ve created for yourself and handle your technology with care. Creating a clean, tangle free space for your wires and cables will ultimately extend the life of your equipment.
  10. Lastly and most importantly, update your antivirus software. You should have this running year round but doing a checkup each spring will give you an idea of how many threats you’ve been up against. Most antivirus programs give you the option to manually run a scan, by adding this to your spring cleaning routine you can guarantee your antivirus is ready to defend against the newest threats out there.


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